Avocado delight

You can never go wrong with more avocados. This dish was just an experiment of whole grain pasta, olive oil, lime juice, chili powder, cilantro, salt, pepper, and avocado. For the seasonings, lime and cilantro I just added a bit at a time till it tasted good to me πŸ™‚ the whole grain pasta was a little too hearty so I would suggest regular pasta with this dish but otherwise it was delicious and fresh!



Get outside!


Whether it be jogging or riding, it’s too nice out here! And for those who work on a computer all day and choose the bike, I suggest these handle bars (good on the wrists). And of course don’t be too trusting, always use a bike lock πŸ˜‰

Quick easy breakfast!

Easy to make, self explanatory!


Time for farewells

I haven’t posted in a while, but this is a wallpaper created for my friend who I am leaving behind 😦 because I got a new job and she would be missed on a day to day basis! Remember all you artsies out there, always make time to create for the ones you care about!
And poem is not my own, I slightly modified


Summer is here! And so are the outfits.

I’m a huge fan of neutrals with a touch of color. As for this outfit, I literally only have a smidgen of color added. This outfit is also one of my most wallet friendlies!

Shorts, $6 from Platos Closet. Top, $12 cream knit sweater clearance from Maurices. Watch a gift from my sister and a touch of blue πŸ™‚ from a local Chinese restaurant in LaGrange GA. Earrings, $1 from Claires, which also added a touch of color – greens, pinks, and beige. Burlap Toms….well those cost more than my whole outfit, but are so worth it!

“Even in a crowd full of ppl, I can still see you smiling”

Musical BODY master!

An awesome device of spentacular proportions!! The Ningen Gakki Body Conductive Musical Instrument! Check the vid out for sure and it can be purchased at a reasonable price from ThinkGeek

Definitely want one…. >:)

Easter dress

This Sunday I wore a 50s/60s style dressΒ (loose waist), that goes well with a belt. The dress is from Lizard Thicket, my favorite boutique in GA. If you are ever out that way it is a very desirable place to shop for fellow vintage style lovers. The dress is their “On Trend Dress in Cream” from their website. Goes well with brown leather accessories, earrings, but no necklace (the style of the collar is enough for this more simple style), and boots or flats.

Affordable fashion strikes again!

My sister lauren as the model, once again! I enjoy dressing my sisters, the latest outcome is this affordable dress/ belt combo from Charming Charlie’s and the shoes are from Belks. They compliment her auburn locks and pale skin.


Maple bacon donut!

With Leslie at the cobblestone bakery, her first attempt at the infamous maple bacon combo! Her say? “the flavors mixed were surprisingly good!”


What a girl wants! What a girl needs!

No, it has nothing to do with the song. And, realistically speaking, has a strong set goal. This is a mock#1 I’m doing for a conference held in Atlanta by LightForce. Women from 16 and up to all ages can come and discuss…everything. Details have yet to be finalized and I’m just starting to throw design ideas out there. So…your OPINIONS are highly desirable!!!