Odd…but interesting?

I couldn’t resist, I added a “must try” so,  I’ve got to fill you in on the latest finds of the weird and the cute!

Here’s a weird one. For all those who wanted a transformer, but didn’t want to be a “follower of the in-crowd”. TOTO has done the unexpected.


Just what I always wanted!!


About Elizabeth

Instead of about me... how about why this blog exists? You know that feeling you get when you a package arrives at your door, and you’re like “Who’s this from?” or “Where did THIS come from?!” Aye. That’s mostly what you will get with this blog. Just the on-goings and discoveries of crazy ol’ me (and friends, I can’t take all the credit.) Basically, things you might wanna try if you like the random. Things you DON’T wanna try. And just those….things. And since I like to share...this blog was born! And…if YOU discover anything that you think I would want to try…you better post it! (This is to be taken in a non-threatening way if it is said out loud :) )

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  1. Don’t steal my catch phrase!!!

  2. the catch phrase that is.

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