Rings for ALL occasions…?

If you thought the rings posted earlier might be on the tad bit rediculous these are by far the definition of re-donk-ulous!!

A pillow on your hand anyone?

Reference: PiloPilo

Or how about “I forgot my sketching tools at home, oh wait! I have crayons on my hands!!

Reference: Crayon Rings

Anyone an Architect? Can’t find inspiration? Just wear a whole building design on your hand!

Reference: Building Rings

Need to write a quick note put forgot your pad at home? Oh wait, you have one on your finger…

Reference: Book Ring

Ever get the desire to pick your belly button but don’t want to do so in public? Just pick the one on your finger!

Reference: Belly Button Ring



About Elizabeth

Instead of about me... how about why this blog exists? You know that feeling you get when you a package arrives at your door, and you’re like “Who’s this from?” or “Where did THIS come from?!” Aye. That’s mostly what you will get with this blog. Just the on-goings and discoveries of crazy ol’ me (and friends, I can’t take all the credit.) Basically, things you might wanna try if you like the random. Things you DON’T wanna try. And just those….things. And since I like to share...this blog was born! And…if YOU discover anything that you think I would want to try…you better post it! (This is to be taken in a non-threatening way if it is said out loud :) )

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