Aye yes, the ugly sweater.

For all those who have already gone to an ugly sweater party or still have yet to go to one. I advise you to check out your local goodwill. They do, in fact, have a section dedicated to pure ugly. And it is where I, and a friend, found these treasures.

And yes, those are little foam snowmen and trees decor, sewn on for for extra ugly effect!

This was my ugly..thing. And if you notice in the upper right corner, that star was also sewn on for extra ugly!


About Elizabeth

Instead of about me... how about why this blog exists? You know that feeling you get when you a package arrives at your door, and you’re like “Who’s this from?” or “Where did THIS come from?!” Aye. That’s mostly what you will get with this blog. Just the on-goings and discoveries of crazy ol’ me (and friends, I can’t take all the credit.) Basically, things you might wanna try if you like the random. Things you DON’T wanna try. And just those….things. And since I like to share...this blog was born! And…if YOU discover anything that you think I would want to try…you better post it! (This is to be taken in a non-threatening way if it is said out loud :) )

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  1. Oh Emm Gee!! this is redick!

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