About the Lizbot

The spontaneous. The random. The things that make the day go bye with a smile on your face. Or the knowledge you just made someone else happy. These are the basics that make me happy.

As far as the quick tour of the “About me” goes. I’m Canadian (hence the cute little chibi Canadian character on my header hiding in the box). I now live in the States, surrounded by corn, therefore not much motivation comes from my current home, but definitely from the people that are in my life – God, family, friends, even strangers…

I find even strangers can be motivating at time. Just seeing what makes people go.

I love to travel. Married to a man (or mancub for short) that enjoys to travel. He motivates me – for, at times, it is hard to motivate oneself.

I was a nomadic type before getting married, not by choice at the time, but…

Traveling helps stimulate the imagination. Anyone have any suggestions?

A sucker for sweets at heart, but could never deny the carbs.

A day dreamer.

That is me, for those who are curious.


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