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I couldn’t help myself. Since I do have a category for all things kawaii and most of them so far have been japanese related, I might as well have this category as well, to include all my random findings of course!

Musical BODY master!

An awesome device of spentacular proportions!! The Ningen Gakki Body Conductive Musical Instrument! Check the vid out for sure and it can be purchased at a reasonable price from ThinkGeek

Definitely want one…. >:)


An amazing art piece I found, a Japan contribute.

People in Japan that were affected are still trying to settle into other towns, realizing it could be years before they return to their hometowns, if ever. I feel this piece is really touching. Had to re-post for D-ice07 Deviant.

MukuMuku Fashion & Music

This is a made up magazine design (based on a KERA style of magazine) for a competition posted by Muku Muku from TinierMe that I designed.

(I found a small error in the prv. one I posted so I updated…it was a bow out of place LOL)


A contribute chibi

My most recent creation! A contribute chibi for Chibi Midori due to her shared interests in Chibis!

Chibi-Chibi! So cute!

When I think Chibi, I think cute or fun! Designing them has definitely been fun.

When looking from left to right, it’s my friend Erica (Uurica) ranting about the Chicago bears, then me raving about desserts! Then my younger sis Lauren making her next kill, and my older sis Mal-Mal having pity for the poor soul.

P.S.-My sisters are moto-chicks so they’re in moto-gear.

WOW! These are THE chopsticks to have!

Just found these in my searches – Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks.

I definitely need to try a pair. The right amount of sauce per bite…count me in!

Cat ears anyone?

In my search for the strange, I definitely found it. The Neurowear Necomimi. Head gear including cat ears that react based on your brainwaves. Flop, twitch, perk, etc.

Check out the youtube commerical for the  Neurowear Necomimi too!

Oh, for the love of Sweaters & Hoodies…

So I found this Korean and Japanese fashion vender called Coco Fashion

They have really affordable items (although shipping might be tricky biz, but I emailed them to find out the details)

Here are some of their cute selection! And they have more than just sweaters, there’s dresses, shoes, and more!


I crave sweets on a daily basis. It is a proven fact that most of the female population does have a second stomach for sweets. Now, if the sweets are extra cute that make’s them extra edible! Who can resist?

Check out these cuties from cupcake magic!

Have sauce, but don’t know where to put it?

You want to add sauce to your lunch, but you don’t want to pre-mix it and get the mushy lunch? Check out these super kawaii sauce containers you can just add to your lunch box 😀 from JBox