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I couldn’t help myself. Since I do have a category for all things kawaii and most of them so far have been japanese related, I might as well have this category as well, to include all my random findings of course!

Mejiro Fashion & Art College Show Pics

Sorry for the wait, been out sick, but here’s the latest from Tokyo Fashion. Once again I just included some of my fav shots. Japan has that creative “umph” I look for, and that’s why I love Tokyo Fashion’s posts so much.

“Tokyo’s Design Festa is billed at the “Biggest Art Event in Asia”. That’s probably true, but Design Festa is much more than just art. Along with the artists, independent fashion designers and craftspeople from Japan – and all over the world – set up shop at Design Festa and offer their creations directly to the public.”


Bored? Stack some pandas!

Check out this super cute panda-stack game at JBox!

“Balance all the pandas on top of each other, on the panda tire to win. This by itself might be a challenge, to place the pandas you must use a pair of chopsticks! It’s like a crazy Chinese version of Jenga(c), invented by a Japanese toy maker.” Click the link for more!

And of course the Harajuku Fashion Walk “FUNtasy Halloween Night” Party!

From Tokyo Fashion of course! The pop culture can get so creatively artistic hence why I frequently post. Can’t help it. Click on the link to read more!

These are my 2 favorites from the run down.

Even if you had the simplest of sewing machines, the pumpkin outfits would not be too hard to put together…And they’re adorable!

Pre-Halloween-ing! From Harajuku!

These are from Tokyo Fashion, a lot of kawaii comes from their site.

Here are some cute examples of some pre-gamers out upon the streets of Harajuku and Shibuya!

A must try for nail halloween art! Love it!

Super cute, fabulous & …shady?

Alright, it’s been a couple days so I found many  of the spectacular 😀

Looking for a fridge…companion? There’s this super cute fridge decor that’s ECO friendly, who could ask for more?

Then there’s these cute Hello Kitty speakers 😀

Tired? how about these awesome pillows?

Want to listen to music in the shower..? Well you can if you want, 1 GB of space to put your fav selection on while in the shower or bath!

Anyone as angsta gangsta when they gotta wake up early for work? Then there’s target practice in the morn with your alarm clock!!

Or are you feeling creepy stalker style? There’s a vid pen, mini cam, or waterproof cam?

It’s as big as an eraser…

These pics don’t belong to me 🙂

Here’s some links


Super Cute Kawaii!!




Rainy days + Internet = Internet Umbrella…?

Ummmm….it exists. The Internet Umbrella lets you browse the internet – photos, streaming, maps…via the inside of your umbrella?!

For those in need of an odd, seasonal accessory?

Check it out!


Sorry! Had to add 1 more to the cute list for the night! Tokidoki just came out with some fall/winter cute purses!

This ones my fav. Can’t afford of course, but the droolage is for free.

And, of course, the latest from Japan!

If I do a popular US fashion selection I have to do some from Japan!

These are def. kawaii and I’ve selected a couple fashion brands from the Tokyo Girls Collection 2011 A/W!

And most of these are referenced from link below

Super cute, one of my favs!

Another favorite! Too cute!

And another, by Miia 🙂

Cute but Classy – Kitson.

My go-to store for fashion look a-likes is def. forever21. May not be super high quality, but it’s quality that lasts 🙂

Here are some FOREVER21 look a-likes:

Apuweiser-riche and Miia look a-like

Miia look a-like

or the shorter version!

And a Kitson look a-like. Kind of! Same feeling – loose, flowy, comfortable but stylish dress!

What is the inspiration behind the j-craze pop culture of today?

It all has to do with Japan’s culture, past and present.

While in my search for more I came across this blog which was very fascinating!

Only for those who enjoy cultural writings and who, of course, enjoy reading more lengthy topics,


Tokyo fashion, culture and aspects of the pulling power of japan

Odd…but interesting?

I couldn’t resist, I added a “must try” so,  I’ve got to fill you in on the latest finds of the weird and the cute!

Here’s a weird one. For all those who wanted a transformer, but didn’t want to be a “follower of the in-crowd”. TOTO has done the unexpected.


Just what I always wanted!!