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Must try for anything FOOD

Avocado delight

You can never go wrong with more avocados. This dish was just an experiment of whole grain pasta, olive oil, lime juice, chili powder, cilantro, salt, pepper, and avocado. For the seasonings, lime and cilantro I just added a bit at a time till it tasted good to me 🙂 the whole grain pasta was a little too hearty so I would suggest regular pasta with this dish but otherwise it was delicious and fresh!



Quick easy breakfast!

Easy to make, self explanatory!


Maple bacon donut!

With Leslie at the cobblestone bakery, her first attempt at the infamous maple bacon combo! Her say? “the flavors mixed were surprisingly good!”


Delicious proportions!

A delicious, evenly proportionate meal 🙂 spinach salad, baked asparagus with olive oil, brown rice, cheddar bean salad, and teriyaki chicken.


An afternoon treat

Get yourself out and support your local bakeries! I bet this smile on my face you won’t regret it 🙂 compliments to Cobblestone Bakery & Bistro in Yorkville, il


And yes, that is a delectable flaky, melt in your mouth cinnamon bun!

Ingredients for a delish breakfast

Like what I just had this morning.

Green peppers, red-skin potatoes, eggs (Hormone FREE!), Chihuahua cheese, the essentials (salt and pepper), herbs of your choice-if any, and black bean/corn salsa (I used Newman’s).

Sauteed-Do the potatoes first till the start getting soft then add the peppers. When the potatoes start turning light brown, add the eggs. Then add cheese, spices and herbs, and throw it on a plate, add some salsa and you are good to go for one happy tummy!

I ate it up before I could think to take a pic. Sorry, it was too delicious 😀

WOW! These are THE chopsticks to have!

Just found these in my searches – Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks.

I definitely need to try a pair. The right amount of sauce per bite…count me in!

The latest and greatest of Ghirardelli

A must try for chocolate lovers! Smooth, creamy and chocolate, who can deny the deliciousness?


Perfect time for strong tea!

Those who like tea strong, and potent pu-erh is the way to go. Not for the faint of heart my friends, just had some earlier today 🙂 for those who are wondering its a black fermented tea imported from china.



There are few things that top carbs my friends – moz basil tomato garlic pizza