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Winter attire for me

I figured, why not post the present. Here’s my outfit for today. You might look in the background thinking that can’t be today it looks like fall out there! We are having freakishly nice weather as of late here in IL.

But onward, this was a cost effective, mostly clearance, outfit!

Jacket – Pac Sun/clearance, shoes – Famous Footwear/clearance, saddle bag style purse – Target = Affordable!!


Socks, socks, we all scream for warm socks!

In the grand state of Illinois, we finally got our first snow 2 days ago. Which means extra chilly, and that means there is a need for extra warm socks! My sis Lauren found these extra cute socks from Lowie.

Oh, for the love of Sweaters & Hoodies…

So I found this Korean and Japanese fashion vender called Coco Fashion

They have really affordable items (although shipping might be tricky biz, but I emailed them to find out the details)

Here are some of their cute selection! And they have more than just sweaters, there’s dresses, shoes, and more!

Out of Ideas?

If you’re looking for ideas for outfits based on body type or style you should really check out Seventeen – Ultimate Guide to Style. It has some really good ideas on putting different styles and outfits together based on “what you got”!

Here are some same pages from Melcher

Fall fashion according to who?

Please ELLE, please explain to me what inspired this as the 2011 fall fashion when clearly Edward Scissorhands of the early 90s definitely had something to do with this!!

(These images are property of ELLE)

They did up it a notch with these items: the dress def has it’s classy points (minus the …back harness), the necklace has elegance with an edge, and the cuffs keep it simple but make a point.

The latest and greatest in vintage

NapNach found a cute selection from Unique Vintage:

Looking for some darling knee high socks with a touch of grunge rock?

Check these out —> Darling Skull Socks

How about some super cute but classy fingerless cozy gloves? –> Birch & Black Contrast Bow Fingerless Gloves

You like fish? How about purses? Put those together and you get a fishurse! —> Unique Hand Made Leather Fish Purse

Or, if fish isn’t your thing, how about owls? They are too adorable to pass up –> Unique Hand Made Leather Owl Purse

If you get a purse, you gotta get a scarf (not really, but still…) —> Cream and Pale Blue Pom Pom Scarf

And let’s throw in some tights by ASOS for good measure!

And these earrings, who could resist their assymetrical cuteness – by Betsey Johnson




And, of course, the latest from Japan!

If I do a popular US fashion selection I have to do some from Japan!

These are def. kawaii and I’ve selected a couple fashion brands from the Tokyo Girls Collection 2011 A/W!

And most of these are referenced from link below

Super cute, one of my favs!

Another favorite! Too cute!

And another, by Miia 🙂

Cute but Classy – Kitson.

My go-to store for fashion look a-likes is def. forever21. May not be super high quality, but it’s quality that lasts 🙂

Here are some FOREVER21 look a-likes:

Apuweiser-riche and Miia look a-like

Miia look a-like

or the shorter version!

And a Kitson look a-like. Kind of! Same feeling – loose, flowy, comfortable but stylish dress!

Couldn’t help myself!

Technically these count as “all things cute!”

Fashion, clothes…they are weaknesses for girls!

Here’s some of the latest from New York fashion 2011 Summer/Fall looks! (Only included some of my favs…I’m biased)

Technically, these can also fall under “must try’s” if you go for more affordable look a-likes! Places to look at: Express, Forever21 and even Target!