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Please dear friends, take the time to vote for this cute creature!

Hello my dear followers, or wanderers who have found this page, I ask that you please take the time by voting for my creature on DeviantArt.

To vote, click HERE, then under the image it has a button you can click on that says”I’d wear this!”, click it! You’d be supporting me, and I’d love you for it.

You will have Β to sign up for a deviant acct to vote, but it’s FAST and FREE!

It wouldn’t hurt to spread the word either. πŸ˜€

Here’s what the design looks like:

Check it out on DeviantArt for the larger file and to vote of course πŸ˜‰


Latest fashion find

Ah yes, my ongoing search for affordable cute outfits led me to Wholesale Clothing-Korean Fashion

Anything from casual, formal to….intriguing shoes!!!

A contribute chibi

My most recent creation! A contribute chibi for Chibi Midori due to her shared interests in Chibis!

Chibi-Chibi! So cute!

When I think Chibi, I think cute or fun! Designing them has definitely been fun.

When looking from left to right, it’s my friend Erica (Uurica) ranting about the Chicago bears, then me raving about desserts! Then my younger sis Lauren making her next kill, and my older sis Mal-Mal having pity for the poor soul.

P.S.-My sisters are moto-chicks so they’re in moto-gear.


I crave sweets on a daily basis. It is a proven fact that most of the female population does have a second stomach for sweets. Now, if the sweets are extra cute that make’s them extra edible! Who can resist?

Check out these cuties from cupcake magic!

New from TokiDoki and super kawaii!

Couldn’t help myself, an angst looking hello kitty? Who could resist, although I guess you could for the price alone, but they are still cute.

Pre-Halloween-ing! From Harajuku!

These are from Tokyo Fashion, a lot of kawaii comes from their site.

Here are some cute examples of some pre-gamers out upon the streets of Harajuku and Shibuya!

A must try for nail halloween art! Love it!

With the warmth, comes a snuggling companion!

The cutest pillow of all time!

Wait…but it’s not edible? Sad, because it could of fooled me, it’s the cupcake pillow

Thanks NapNach!

& GirlzLyfe


Cutie Baby of the Day!

Goes to Dommi Riggs SOOO CUTE!

My kawaii cutie BatGirl!

Cute award of the day goes to spotted python BatGirl!

Yes, I like snakes. Even though she looks bigger in this pic, she easily fits on just your hand.