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Affordable fashion strikes again!

My sister lauren as the model, once again! I enjoy dressing my sisters, the latest outcome is this affordable dress/ belt combo from Charming Charlie’s and the shoes are from Belks. They compliment her auburn locks and pale skin.



Winter attire for me

I figured, why not post the present. Here’s my outfit for today. You might look in the background thinking that can’t be today it looks like fall out there! We are having freakishly nice weather as of late here in IL.

But onward, this was a cost effective, mostly clearance, outfit!

Jacket – Pac Sun/clearance, shoes – Famous Footwear/clearance, saddle bag style purse – Target = Affordable!!

Latest fashion find

Ah yes, my ongoing search for affordable cute outfits led me to Wholesale Clothing-Korean Fashion

Anything from casual, formal to….intriguing shoes!!!

Socks, socks, we all scream for warm socks!

In the grand state of Illinois, we finally got our first snow 2 days ago. Which means extra chilly, and that means there is a need for extra warm socks! My sis Lauren found these extra cute socks from Lowie.

Something I want to try…

Shoe below was done by Cocopunkz. They’re hand painted shoes. It’s something I want to try in greater detail.

I’ve tried a simple design before on some white flats with sharpies (see below), as experimentation, and it worked. It’d be something I definitely want to try in greater detail, with more cute shoes 🙂

Ridiculous & Shoes.

Never thought I’d say this but some shoes are too ridiculous. Here are some shoes from Kobi Levi

Can anyone say crazy cat lady? She’d definitely own a pair 🙂

No that’s not gum. wow.

Oh, for the love of Sweaters & Hoodies…

So I found this Korean and Japanese fashion vender called Coco Fashion

They have really affordable items (although shipping might be tricky biz, but I emailed them to find out the details)

Here are some of their cute selection! And they have more than just sweaters, there’s dresses, shoes, and more!

Out of Ideas?

If you’re looking for ideas for outfits based on body type or style you should really check out Seventeen – Ultimate Guide to Style. It has some really good ideas on putting different styles and outfits together based on “what you got”!

Here are some same pages from Melcher

Mejiro Fashion & Art College Show Pics

Sorry for the wait, been out sick, but here’s the latest from Tokyo Fashion. Once again I just included some of my fav shots. Japan has that creative “umph” I look for, and that’s why I love Tokyo Fashion’s posts so much.

“Tokyo’s Design Festa is billed at the “Biggest Art Event in Asia”. That’s probably true, but Design Festa is much more than just art. Along with the artists, independent fashion designers and craftspeople from Japan – and all over the world – set up shop at Design Festa and offer their creations directly to the public.”

Latest and Greatest…and Fun!

Check out the People Style Watch Hit or Miss! It’s a fun vote on different styles caught out and about recently. It’s fast, fun and easy; if you’re bored of course!

Here are some examples of styles you will be seeing! (Mainly the ones I like :))