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Quick easy breakfast!

Easy to make, self explanatory!



Delicious proportions!

A delicious, evenly proportionate meal 🙂 spinach salad, baked asparagus with olive oil, brown rice, cheddar bean salad, and teriyaki chicken.


An afternoon treat

Get yourself out and support your local bakeries! I bet this smile on my face you won’t regret it 🙂 compliments to Cobblestone Bakery & Bistro in Yorkville, il


And yes, that is a delectable flaky, melt in your mouth cinnamon bun!

WOW! These are THE chopsticks to have!

Just found these in my searches – Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks.

I definitely need to try a pair. The right amount of sauce per bite…count me in!


There are few things that top carbs my friends – moz basil tomato garlic pizza


Latest find

My sister recently went to china and brought us back some Japanese treats- earl grey tea chocolate, and I must say its a must try!


I think I might just try this…

Zucchini… deliciousness? Can’t pass.

Link for food reference

On a brighter note, what are you craving?

Because if it’s pesto pizza with sauteed asparagus…than go make some right now! I did, and am thoroughly enjoying this!!

It’s with a pesto (basil, olive oil, romano cheese) based sauce and five Italian cheese blend pizza…yumMMY!

Sweets! Sweets! We (all girls) Scream for SWEETS!

Today I craved sweets. Did I eat any?

Nope. Just looking at them, which doesn’t help the desire much, but hey, what can I say?

But… check it out!

Super kawaii…and eatable!! What gal could ask for anything more?


Original reference for the the cuties! (Thanks JuicySushi)

For those looking for a quick refreshing snack…

Try this – lime cucumbers with seasoning!

Whether it be just salt and pepper, or if you want some zing you can add chili pepper!