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The Office series shall be called…

Pretty much all my other post categories are at random. My work posts on the other hand, need a little more direction… So the series (of posts) related to my work’s fiascoes shall be called The Office (wanna-be) (season 1). Then I will include post # as an Episode # just because I can. Even though you may not be viewing live action, once your imagination kicks in, it becomes the next best thing.

I’d also like to introduce the cast, which are my co-workers of course – but I have given them all aliases (for their protection!)

Mybot – While you may mistake her for someone who should be in high school and not a full time job; who keeps to herself and seems meek of spirit…well that’s all a deception. WARNING: A mastermind at work here! The only way to stop her is with…all things undeniably cute! (see image below)

Darma Paisley – the whimsical one who many mistake for being the sweet and innocent. Well if sweet and innocent translates to “devious mind full of mischief” than you are correct!

Myunda (Myoo-nda) – Not to be mistake with a Queen Latifah as far as spirit goes. She is the feistiest of us wenches with a ‘tude that kills and a tone that puts you in your place. Then you realize a small Caucasian midget with hair to match her personality stands before you (and yes, she cheats with what we call the witch-shoes).

Last, but definitely not the least (for we all share the same amount of ridiculousness) is ze Nap-Nach (Nach as in patch for pronunciation) short for Nappy Nacha! Aye, she too has equal spirit to our fiesty wench, but her’s is of a different kind. She’ll come in to work with her disheveled voluptuous locks (that’s a sure sign of “feed me coffee now!”), a laugh that could wake the dead, and fist held high – while saying out loud – “LET’S DO THIS!”

So, on the many days and posts to follow – as Nap-Nach would say – Let us do this.

All events are based on truth (names as the exception). And kids…don’t try these things at home.