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An afternoon treat

Get yourself out and support your local bakeries! I bet this smile on my face you won’t regret it 🙂 compliments to Cobblestone Bakery & Bistro in Yorkville, il


And yes, that is a delectable flaky, melt in your mouth cinnamon bun!


Latest find

My sister recently went to china and brought us back some Japanese treats- earl grey tea chocolate, and I must say its a must try!


Thanksgiving and dessert.

Aye, tis the season for the sweets. Forget the turkey. And my sister seems to agree with me!

Here are a couple of her creations that I love 🙂

This would be the Sweet Potato-Pumpkin-Coconut Pie! Sounds to delish to be true…

One can never forget that fruit is an essential sweet (delicious and nutritious!)

And for those who don’t recognize, these are scuffles. It’s like a tender moist pie crust cut up, rolled up, and covered in cinnamon sugar!


I crave sweets on a daily basis. It is a proven fact that most of the female population does have a second stomach for sweets. Now, if the sweets are extra cute that make’s them extra edible! Who can resist?

Check out these cuties from cupcake magic!

Sweets! Sweets! We (all girls) Scream for SWEETS!

Today I craved sweets. Did I eat any?

Nope. Just looking at them, which doesn’t help the desire much, but hey, what can I say?

But… check it out!

Super kawaii…and eatable!! What gal could ask for anything more?


Original reference for the the cuties! (Thanks JuicySushi)