Beauty & Skin Tones

And, if you’re wondering – Will that color even look good on me? What skin tone are you and what colors will match your skin tone.

Often skin tones are compared to seasons. References and images to the seasonal skin tones below are from Vivendi.

Winter is a cool tone.

pale/porcelain white, yellowish-olive, or dark.

Mostly Asians, African-Americans, and brunettes with dark eyes often fall in this category.

Blacks, navy blue, deep red and hot pink are you prime colors.

Celebrity examples: Anne Hathaway, Jada Pinkett, and Lucy Liu.

Elizabeth Hurley
Amanda Peet
Jamie Lee Curtis
Eva Longoria
Geena Davis

Warm tones.

Subtle golden undertones that compliment creamy white, peach, or ivory skin.

Natural blondes, auburns or strawberry blondes fit this type (so do freckles, rosy cheeks, pale eyes).

“Select colors that look as if they are bathed in sunlight.”

Yellow-based pastels, soft peaches, golden yellows/browns, aquas, corals, and bright greens are your colors.

Celebrity examples: Charlize Theron and Heidi Klum.

Jodie Foster
Nicole Kidman
Naomi Watts
Felicity Huffman
Charlize Theron

Slightly cool tone.

Skin will be very pale and pink.

Mostly Natural blondes (or pale brunettes with light eyes).

Muted blue undertones, vintage pink, lavender, reddish purple and pale yellows are your colors.

Celebrity Examples: Jessica Biel, Jen Garner and Rihanna.

Charlotte Rampling
Judi Dench
Mila Jovovich

A earthy/warm tone.

Peach, golden beige or golden brown skin tone.

Mostly, but not prohibited to, redheads and brunettes, with golden brown eyes.

Deep and muted yellow-based undertones.

Beige, olive, oranges, gold and dark brown are your prime colors.

Celebrity examples: Kristin Kreuk, Jessica Alba, Aishwarya Rai and Jennifer Lopez.

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Angelina Jolie
Debra Messing
Jennifer Lopez
Sophia Loren

There were image references from Organic Family Care, and you can visit their site to see charts for more info in detailed descriptions.

Also see links & related articles below for more details.

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